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Colin Shelley

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28 December, 2019.  Chisholms from Antigonish

I am researching my husband's Chisholm side of the family and I am having some difficulties in backtracking beyond his great grandfather's name.

I am seeking information on Archibald Chisholm who came to Glen Road, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia from Scotland.  Archibald Chisholm was married to Catherine MacDonald.  They had the following children:

I am not having any luck finding information on Archibald Chisholm andhis wife Catherine MacDonald.

Kind regards, Donalda Gillis (

14 December, 2018.  Sgt Thomas William Chisholm in World War One

My grandfather Sergeant Thomas William Chisholm was born in December 1896 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne to his father James Chisolm (who died in 1905).  TW was a blacksmith’s stoker at fourteen before joining the Northumberland Fusiliers 5th Battalion, Company B, at the outbreak of WW1.

He fought at Ypres, the Somme, Passchendaele, and at the third Battle of Aisne until his capture on May 27, 1918. From then onwards he was a POW at Gieesen, Darmstadt, and Lamsdorf POW camps until his release on January 1, 1919.

He kept a diary of his time as a POW which he tried without success to get published before he died in 1979. I have just finished transcribing his diary, which I have published on his Facebook page which I created for him. It is proving to be very popular and I am therefore currently planning a self-publication of his diary in the coming weeks/months.

A local newspaper The Evening Chronicle has run a story about him and his diary (including exerts from his diary) online on November 10 this year. 

Kind Regards
Mike Orchard (

11 February, 2019Sgt Thomas William Chisholm in World War One
His POW diary has now been published as an eBook with Kindle and as a paperback.  They are available from Amazon and from Broomfield Publications.

29 November, 2018.  Chisholms in Edinburgh

Wondering if anyone has any knowledge of Mary Chisholm nee Swan who I think died around 1825 in Edinburgh after giving birth to her daughter Jemima Chisholm. John, Mary's husband, seems to have returned, after Mary died, to his native Fodderty with Jemima. Mary was, I think, my four times great grandmother. This John Chisholm was born in 1798 and his father was William Chisholm. 

Paul Thompson (

8 August, 2018.  Chisholms in Black Avon/River, Antigonish

My second great grandmother was Mary Ellen Chisholm who was born about 1820-1830 in Nova Scotia.   She married Roderick McDonald, born around 1817, in Pictou.  They had eleven children born and raised in the Black Avon, Black River area of St. Andrew’s township in what was Sydney county and is now Antigonish.  The 1860, 1870 and 1880 census showed several Chisholm and McDonald families living in this area.   I believe they were all related and therefore settled close to one another. 

I am not sure of Mary Ellen’s parent’s names but I believe they were born in Scotland.  Her husband Roderick McDonald‘s mother was also a Chisholm.  Her name was Nancy and she was born in 1783 in Scotland to Finlay Chisholm and an unknown wife.   Nancy died in 1873 in Black River/Avon in 1873. 

Several of the children of Roderick McDonald and Mary Ellen Chisholm also married Chisholms.  For example, their daughter Catherine, born in 1845, married Donald Chisholm, born in 1837, in Guysborough, Nova Scotia.   They eventually migrated to the US and settled in the Byfield/Newbury area of Massachusetts.  They are buried in Heatherton Cemetery. 

I have been searching for years and would dearly love to know more about these Chisholm’s.  Little seems to be known about the people living in the Black Avon/River area. 

Thanks very much.  Mike (

15 July, 2018.  Chisholms on Manitoulin Island

I live in Fort Erie, Ontario.  My great grandfather was living on Manitoulin Island in Ontario.  I don't know whether there were many Chisholms living there.  His name was John William Chisholm and he had eight children including John William Chisholm who would be my grandfather.

I heard that we were called the lost black Chisholms of Manitoulin Island.  My father was very dark and most of us have dark skins.

Darren Chisholm (

2 June, 2018.  William Chisholm in Antigonish in 1841/42

I am looking at a passenger list of the brig Lady Gray that arrived in Pictou heading for Quebec in July 1841.  This has a William Chisholm on it and the brig came from Cromarty in Scotland.  In May 1842 my William Chisholm received a land grant in Caledonia Mills, Antigonish county.  On the land petition it just indicated that he lived in Scotland. 

Is there any other research out there that I could prove whether or not these two William Chisholms were actually the same person? 

Wayne (,con)

9 April, 2018.  Chisholms from Dumfriesshire to South Africa

My great great great grandfather was William Chisholm, born in 1810, who married Isabella Hall in Ewes Dumfries in 1836.  They had seven children - Joanna Janet (my great great grandmother), in 1838, Jessie in 1840, James Hall in 1842, William in 1845, Mary in 1848, John Wilson in 1850, and Isabella in 1855. 

They were living in Dumfriesshire in Tundergarth in 1851 and in Tinwald in 1861.  In 1876 William opened a merchant business in Kimberley, South Africa.  Most of the family joined him there, though many ended up in West Virginia.  I would love to find out more.

Kind regards
John Wightman
Rockingham, Western Australia (

30 March, 2018.  Chisholms in Nova Scotia

I am in search of some family history.  My maternal grandfather was born in Nova Scotia in or around 1900.  He was Thomas Joseph Chisholm.  His siblings were Kenneth Chisholm, Chrissie (Chisholm) Parzyck, Catherine (Chisholm) Pose, Florence (Chisholm) Macisaccs, Margaret (Chisholm) Mare, Cassie (Chisholm) Harding and Bessie (Chisholm) MacArthur. 

Unfortunately, other than the names and the information that my grandfather died in 1949 in Yonkers, NY, I don't know much else. 

Elizabeth Hanrahan (

12 December, 2017.  Chisholms in Antigonish

My great great grandfather William Chisholm was born in Scotland in 1805.  His son John "The King" Chisholm was born in 1844 in Caledonia Mills, Antigonish county in Nova Scotia.  William's wife's name was Margaret and she was also born in Scotland, in 1815.  Sometime between 1815 and 1844 they moved from Scotland to Antigonish county. 

I understand from Wikipedia that there are five branches of the Chisholm Family in Scotland.  Do you know which branch and their location that predominately moved to Antigonish County between 1801 and 1840? 

Wayne Kennedy. Calgary

12 December, 2016.  Jack Chisholm from Pictou, Nova Scotia

I am trying to trace my grandfather on my mother's side.  He was born a twin in Pictou, Nova Scotia.  He married Pearl McKinnon in Yellowstone, NW Territories in 1950 and died in Alberta in 1985.

Stephen Foster (

29 July, 2016.  Chisolms of Tennessee and South Carolina

I have been researching my various family lines for over 40 years and the one that I find most elusive is that of the Chisolms.  This family has crossed my lines on numerous occasions and I would like to be able to put them in perspective. 

My ggg-grandfather Alexander McLister (1791 Antrim - 1865 Tipton county, Tennessee) married Mary Chisolm (1789 Antrim? - 1879 Tipton county, Tennessee).  They moved to South Carolina and settled in Chester county where they had at least 3 children: James McLister (1824 SC - 1912 TN); Mary McLister (1826 SC - 1887 TN); and John Chisolm McLister (1835 SC - 1921 TN).   I'm a descendant of James McLister.   But I have no clues of the family of Mary Chisolm McLister. 

My other connection is from Thomas Chisolm and his wife Rachel (Cobean?), also presumably born in Ireland and immigrated to South Carolina and living in Chester and Fairfield counties.  Thomas and Rachel have at least two children: Mary Eleanor Chisolm (1821 SC - 1877 Tipton County, TN) and John Cobean Chisolm (1826 SC / 1870 Tipton County, TN).  Mary Eleanor married Dr. William C McQuiston (1818 SC - 1879 Tipton County, TN) in 1848 in South Carolina and move to Tipton County, Tennessee.   John Cobean married Sarah M "Sallie" Wylie (1837 SC - 1884 Tipton County, TN). 

I found in the 1850 Census, living in Fairfield county, South Carolina the following: Thomas Chisolm 55 (IRE) with wife Rachel 60 (IRE) and children Elizabeth 21 and James 17.  Could this be the same family as above?  If this is the case, could my Mary Chisolm McLister be the sister of Thomas Chisolm? 

I hope that someone else is researching this Chisolm families.  I have been researching my various family lines for over 40 years and the one that I find most elusive is that of the Chisolms.  This family has crossed my lines on numerous occasions and I would like to be able to put them in perspective

Stephen Patrick (

28 May, 2016.  Chisholms of Jamaica and Cape Town

I am currently assisting my father with his genealogy research and I am emailing you in hopes of furthering the search. 

In our records, Cape Town Archive, we have a George Grey Uriah Chisholm who is a great great grandfather. The only shred of evidence my dad recalls a family member mentioning is that his great great grandfather arrived alone in Cape Town from Jamaica on a trawler/fishing boat. There was no more information regarding his family history. 

What surprised me was the link to two names, Francis Chisholm and Isabella.  Both of these names feature in the birth and death records in my father's family on our side. Two of the five children from George Uriah were named Francis and Isabella, which gets interesting. It is a known local historical fact that parents often named their children after their parents. Although it is an assumption on our part, I would like to know more to clarify on these details. Another flimsy factor is that in our records we have George Grey Uriah Chisholm but in Jamaica it is Greg Chisholm.  Such small details can be misleading too. 

From the link I further discovered the 1823 Census in West Indies, Jamaica.  This mentions a Francis Chisholm, white male and 27 years old.  Isabella is a dead end. Whether this is an indication of her being a slave or whatever mystery surrounds this log would be interesting.  I am still busy reading. 

The other shred of evidence is the White Bachelor's Hall. I have yet to understand what this location is. Understanding this history could provide some hints. 

Francis Chisholm was either born in 1795/1796. I would like to know if there are any clues as to which birth records would provide more insight into Francis's history. 

Warmest regards from Cape Town,
Micah (

24 April, 2016.  John William Chisholm of NE England

I'm the fifth and so far the last John William Chisholm from our gene pool, the first born son of each generation was called John William Chisholm or so I've been led to believe. 

We have a number of Chisholm's here in the north east of England and the family has also spread their wings up to Scotland and as far as New Zealand.  The eldest is my grandmother of 95 and the youngest being my daughter of two.  It's always nice to see how we are spread out and how the name has been carried. 

John William Chisholm V (

2 March, 2016.  Chisholms from Pictou County, Nova Scotia

My grandmother, Jane (Chisholm) Olney came to the States with her cousins, Gladys Betts, Tina Morby and Anna McGillicuddy, Barbara McGinness (all married names) as domestics in the late 1800’s. 

Her father, John Chisholm was born in Moose River, Nova Scotia in 1831, married Barbara McIntosh (born in 1833 in Pictou county) in 1856 in McClellan's Mountain, Pictou county, Nova Scotia.  He died in 1917 in Pictou county.  They were buried in a cemetery in McClellan's Mountain, but there was no stone there for them. 

We got this information from a relative, Shirley Morby in Nova Scotia, but couldn't learn anything else.  It was something we found at her home, but she was under a caretaker's care and unable to communicate.  We got the burial information from records in the local library.  Anything you can tell us would be greatly appreciated. 

Ell Westcott (

18 February, 2016.  Chisholms from Antigonish

My father’s mother was Mary Chisholm who was born in Antigonish to Roderick Chisholm and Annie MacDonell on February 14, 1907.   Roderick was 31 and Annie was 25 when Mary was born. 

My dad suffers from dementia and can no longer remember the names of the relatives this family has in Antigonish.  I am looking to find out a bit more about his mom’s side of the family.

Jim Murtha (jimcanhelpme@gmail)

1 April, 2015.  Chisholms in Schuykill County, Pennsylvania

My great grandfather was William L. Williams, born in 1861 in Ashland in Schuylkill county, Pennsylvania.  He married Jane Ann Chisholm, daughter of John Chisholm and Jane "Jennie" Hedley.  The family had moved to Ashland in 1870 when Jane Ann was 7.  

It appears they hailed from Durham England, where I find Chisholms going back to the 18th century, the earliest being Thomas Chisholm and Mary Grundy, Jane Ann's great grandparents.  However, family lore has it that these Chisholms came from Scotland. 

Other Chisholms moved into Ashland in the 1880s - John's brother or cousin Thomas and his wife Hannah in particular. 

Marc Williams (

5 December, 2014.  Chisholms in Pictou, Nova Scotia

My great grandmother was Ellen (Chisholm) McRae, born in Lismore, Pictou county in 1848 or 1849.  Her parents were Alexander and Christy (Grant) Chisholm.  I’m trying to trace Ellen’s siblings and their offspring, as well as Ellen’s grandparents.  Ellen may have had a brother named Vincent. 

Bernice MacInnis (

5 December, 2014.  Richard Cheesome in Virginia

I was delighted to find you mentioned Richard Cheesome at the bottom of your America page.   I am a descendant of Richard and you are correct.   "Cow John" or John Simpson Chisum, my great great uncle, was a descendant of Richard.   I can trace my lineage directly back to Richard with no missing links.  Richard started in Virginia in 1641 and most of my huge line came to Texas in 1832!  

Talbert H. Chisum (

24 September, 2014.  John Chisholm in World War One

I'm a Chisholm. As a child my family and Chisholm relatives were located in Middleton, Manchester. 

My grandfather was John Heric Chisholm.  I believe he was part Scottish and trained as a dentist. He was injured in WW1 but continued with his life until the Big C got him in 1967.  He was married to Nellie Davies and they had three children. Eric, Jack (my father) and Peggy.

I know my grandfather was injured in WW1.  But trying to trace him is mind-blowing.  I can't find him wherever I look.  He never talked of the war.  My dad, who is 83 years old, knows very little.  I was wondering if you had come across any UK based Chisholms injured or killed in the Great War. 

Regards Mike Chisholm (

15 May, 2014.  Chisholms from Skye?

My name is Catherine Macdonald.   I live on the Isle of Skye.   I am researching my mother's people.  Chisholm was her family name.   I do have information going back to my great, great grandfather, John Chisholm, who lived here on the family croft. 

John Chisholm's dates were from 1803 to 1884.  He was born in Glasgow to John Chisholm and Marion Chisholm nee Chisholm.  He was in the army.  That's as far back as I can go.  Why were they in Glasgow? 

I know about my great great grandfather's family, John, Effie, Hugh and Margaret.  Hugh was my great grandfather.  I first found my Chisholm family in Skye - in Soay and then Fiskavaig sometime in the 1850’s. Family stories say that they came to Skye from Strathglass, also that there were some Chisholms in hiding with Prince Charles Edward Stuart.  But whether any of them is linked to my family of Chisholms is not known. 

I am at present trying to find out more about Hugh's older brother John's family, some of whom were in the Kildonan/Edinbane area. I found Kenneth and family, John's son, but so far have no other children of John's. 

To my knowledge there's no one of the Chisholm name on Skye nowadays, though there may be descendants through female lines.  I did find a Norman Chisholm in Edinbane, whose parents were Valentine Chisholm and Dorcas Maclean, but so far have not been able to link them to my family. 

Catherine (

10 March, 2014.  Chisholm African American Heritage

I am African American and attempting to find which Chisholm was my family slaveholder.  My great great grandfather was listed in the 1880 Census in Lewisville, Chester South Carolina, as Jefferson Chisholm, born in 1832.  My great grandmother, his daughter Alice (Chisholm) Douglas, was born in 1864.  

Thanks for any help you can provide.  I have researched many accounts regarding Chisholm's wills, but never had the names of the South Carolina plantations so clearly stated!  

Edna D. Perry (

30 August, 2013.  Chisholm and Lewis & Clark  

My name is Kevin D. Chisholm of Sisters, Oregon.  There is a long-standing story in the family of one of our ancestors, a Chisholm, that tells how they opened their home for one night to Lewis and Clark of the famed Lewis and Clark expedition.  We're not sure where or when this would have been, but it had to be in the early days of the expedition between 1800 and 1804.  The family used the name "Lewis" for decades in honor of that event.  For example, my younger brother has "Lewis" as his middle name for that same reason.  

Kevin D. Chisholm (

25 April 2012.  Chisholms in Ontario 

George Chisholm, my great great great grandfather, left Croy in 1773 on The Pearl which sailed from Fort William.  His elder brother John joined him the next year. They settled originally near the headwaters of the east branch of the Delaware river in the province of New York.  George participated in the Battle of Oriskany at the start of the American Revolutionary War, was later at Ticonderoga, and ended up in New York City.  In 1784 he was a Port Roseway Associate and was evacuated to what is now Shelburne, Nova Scotia.  In 1792/3 he took his family to Fort Erie near Niagara Falls and ended up on the north shore of Burlington Bay.  He died in 1842 at the age of 90. 

He had three sons, John, William and George.  All three participated in the War of 1812 in battles including Detroit, Queenston Heights and Lundy's Lane.  I have the sword which George Junior, my great great grandfather, carried at the time.  William went on to found the town of Oakville in the township of Trafalgar.  Oakville now has a population of over 150,000. 

George Brock Chisholm, my father's older brother, was the first Director General of the World Health Organization.  He was also awarded two Military Crosses for his service during the First World War, was a Companion of the Order of the British Empire, and was one of the first 20 recipients of the Companion of the Order of Canada. 

John joined the Indian Department and received a land grant as a United Empire Loyalist on the Niagara River.  The Battle of Queenston Heights in 1812 was fought on his land and the monument to General Isaac Brock is on the same property.  Not much importance is placed on the War of 1812 in England, but it was very important to the future of Canada and Brock, killed at Queenston, is a hero here. 

Hazel Chisholm Mathews, a great granddaughter of William, researched and wrote several books on the history of the town of Oakville, the United Empire Loyalists and this branch of the Chisholm family.  Her unpublished "Chisholms of Croy" details that history. 

George Chisholm (

8 April, 2012.  Murdock Chisholm and Flora MacPherson in North Carolina  

I am seeking to determine the marriage of Murdock Chisholm, born in 1738, and Flora MacPherson, born in 1740.  I have a document that he and she signed with their marks when they were selling some land in North Carolina.  We know that Murdock died in Montgomery county, North Carolina in 1823.  However, I can't prove the marriage.  Any help welcome. 

Email address:

3 April, 2012.  Mary Chisholm from Lochaber in Scotland 

Mary Chisholm was born in Lochaber about 1814, the daughter of John and Janet Chisholm.  She married Neil McQuarrie, a master tailor from South Uist and they were recorded as married there in the 1851 census.  Their son Angus, born by then, was my great grandfather.  He married Isabella MacDonald, the daughter of Roderick MacDonald an inspector of the poor.  I have this marriage certificate but no earlier proving document.

Joan Bryson (

8 February, 2012.  Chisholms in Antigonish, Nova Scotia 

My Chisholm line in Antigonish, Nova Scotia starts with John and Christina Chisholm.  Their son John J. Chisholm was born in February 1862 and married Mary Jane MacInnis, born in 1868, there.  Their daughter (my mother) was Catherine Agnes Chisholm, born on June 17, 1911 in Georgeville, Antigonish county, who died there in 2003.

I would be really be interested if anyone on your website would have any information on John and Christina and any other children they might have had. 

Joan Ross (

6 January, 2012.  Charles Logan Chisholm from Nova Scotia  

My grandfather Charles Logan Chisholm was from New Glasgow in Nova Scotia and he married Alice Mary Gibson of Marysville, New Brunswick in 1895.   He was the Dean of Music at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick.  My father John Thomas Gibson Chisholm was his oldest child, born in 1896.  He married late in life.  Have you come across these names in your research? 

Alice Hughes (

26 August, 2011.  Chisholms from Scotland to Ireland and Canada 

I was talking to my aunt today and she said my great grandfather was from Sligo in Ireland.  His name was Alexander Lawrence Chisholm and he was born in 1834 and he came to Canada in his twenties.  He settled in Huron township of Goderich, Ontario.  He married Sarah Ann Orr in 1856.  She was also from Ireland.  Her father was Robert Orr from county Down. 

Of my great grandfather, his father I believe was Hugh Chisholm.  The following is all I have of them.  My family had a family bible that had a royal seal with the listing of all of the Chisholms, but we had a break-in and that was one of the items that was stolen.  I am therefore trying to fit the pieces back together for the family.  Before my grandfather death, he told me that his family was the one that helped Prince Bonnie Charles.  

I wonder if you have any info on this branch of the Chisholms.
Doug Smith (


7 June, 2011.  Chisholm, Stannard, and Wagner in Brighton 

I have read with much interest the information on Arthur Chisholm in the Sussex section of your website. My great-grandfather, Lewis Barratt Stannard, was in St Mary's Home in Brighton and apprenticed out to a Mr.Chisholm as a carpenter's apprentice in 1877.  I suspect the Mr. Chisholm involved was Arthur Chisholm due to Arthur's connection with St Mary's and his relationship with its founder, Arthur Douglas Wagner. 

Do you know of any Chisholm family records that would show anything about this possibility?  A picture of a Lewis Stannard taken with a Mr. Chisholm does survive as well as some infomation about St Mary's Home.

Liane Dunkin (
Seattle, WA

21 February, 2011.  Chisholms in Nova Scotia 

There are more Chisholm's listed in the Antigonish, Nova Scotia phone book than are listed either in New York or London.

Leo Chisholm ((

11 January, 2011.  Jesse Chisolm from New Brunswick 

My mom is 77 years old and her birth mother was a lady named Jesse Chisolm.  She gave birth to my mom in New Brunswick, Canada around 1934.  Jesse was a nurse and from what we know my mom's biological father was a sailor from Scotland. They were never married.  Jesse's uncles were priests and she gave my mother up, but there never was a legal adoption.  Basically she was given to my grandparents.   At birth they called my mother Mary, a common name then, but her first name is Nora.  Wondering if you could help.  

Lynn (

22 July, 2010.  Chisholms from Skye 

I participated in the DNA project and found that I am a close relative (2 to 3 generations) to a Merritt Chisholm who lives in Canada and knows that his line came into Canada from the Isle of Skye Chisholms, of which apparently there are not that many.  

Do you have any more information about the Isle of Skye Chisholm’s other than to say they came in to Prince Edward Island?  Do you have the ship's manifest for instance? 

Robert Chisholm (

5 July, 2010.  Father Daniel Chisholm of Antigonish 

Another famous Antigonish Chisholm was Father Daniel Chisholm (also know as Dr. Dan as he had a doctorate).  He played a key in the transition of Saint Francis Xavier College to Saint Francis Xavier University, one of the most accomplished Universities in Canada. 

He was my great great grandfather's brother.  There is much more to his story than the university, but I - as a St.F.X.U as are many Antigonish Chisholms - am very proud of this.

Donnie Chisholm  
Knockfin Management Consulting

11 January, 2010.  The Lament for William Chisholm 

I have just found your website while researching the lament for William Chisholm. 

My great great great grandmother was a Hannah Chisholm.  Her sister Isabella Chisholm was an informant to Alexander Carmichael.  Some of her contributions are recorded in his work, others are in the school of Scottish studies, but not in print. 

Hannah suffered as a widow, her husband was transported when her family were very young.  The sentiments of the two widows appeal to me, one who was probably fairly well off before Culloden, the other the wife of a poor traveller.  The story about the old Chisholm lady who was dragged out and burnt was often related in our family;  Sellar was but a word likened to a curse. 

Have you any more info on the widow of William Chisholm, what happened to her, was there any family? 

Catherine Laing (                

7 December, 2009.  John "Buff" Martin Chisolm from Virginia 

John "Buff" Martin Chisolm (possibly Chisholm) was born 1837 in Virginia and died in Yazoo county, Missouri in 1892.  He buried two wives, sisters Mary and Carrie Carradine, and was buried by a third, Mary Sconyers. He had at least nine children (with spouse names where known):
- Georgia, Sam Duggan
- Alice, Chris Everett
- John, Ella Marks
- Ralph and Henry, who both died young
- Bessie, S. Griffin
- Jeff Davis, Lizzie Ingram
- and Buff, Edward Kressenberg

Thank you very much,
Linda Babcock (

5 December, 2009.   Chism/Chisholm in New Brunswick 

Looking for any info on Isabel Chism/Chisholm, her parents, etc.   She married Capt. Joseph Cudworth Jr. in Rockland, Maine and was born in New Brunswick.  


4 September, 2009.   Chisholms in Canada 

My dad's name is Gerald Chisholm Arnold.  My grandmother was a Chisholm born in Saskatchewan in 1899 to Eva Chisholm and Robert Ferguson Chisholm.  Robert was the first mayor of North Battleford when it was incorporated as a town.  He died young on a train that got caught in the snow.  My grandmother and her mother, brother and sister moved to Ontario shortly thereafter.  Robert was born in Bruce, Ontario in 1870. 

I was wanting to know if you have information about about Robert's parents and where they came from.  There isn't much information online. 

Nancy Gazzola (

11 June, 2009.  Chisholms in Oregon 

Do you have any information on Dr. William Payne Chisholm, who served in the U.S. Navy as a surgeon during WW2 and had a medical practice in Lakeview, Oregon for many years?  He also may have served in WW1.   He died in 1958 in Ashland, Oregon (he was my grandfather on my father's side.).  He was married to Myra A. Chisholm who died in 1959.  Anything would help. 

Thank you very much.
sincerely, Kevin D. Chisholm (

8 May, 2009.  Ned Chisholm 

My name is Gabriella Chisholm and I am from Pennsylvania.  I believe that I am a descendant of Ned Chisholm, the African-American from South Carolina.   I would like anyone else who believes the same to reach out to me because, after all, we could be family.  My paternal grandmother is a Chisholm hailing straight from South Carolina. 

Thank you,  
Gabriella Chisholm (

12 April, 2009.  Emily Chisholm in Alabama.  

I am looking for any information available for my gg-grandmother, Emily (Emely) L Chisholm.  She married William B Pillow on Christmas day 1822 in Lauderdale Alabama and was buried in Maury Co. Tennessee in 1835. 

Thank you,
Mike Pillow (

8 March, 2009.  William Chisholm, Merchant in Glasgow 

Trying to find more info on William Chisholm, born in South Leith in 1763 and married to Anne Tough in Edinburgh in 1803.  He was a merchant in Glasgow.  Are there are mercantile records for this period in Scotland? 

Eddie Evitt (

20 February, 2009.  Mairi Chisholm 

We would like to get in touch with the next of kin of Mairi Chilsholm (1896-1981), a very brave nurse during the First World War in Pervyze - Belgium.  Do you have information on her relatives? 

Warm regards, 
Martin Dewitte, producer (

19 February, 2009.  Chisms from Alabama 

It was very interesting to read about the name Chisholm.  Unfortunately, my dad and I are the only two that have adopted the name Chism, a derivative of Chisholm.  When he was drafted into the Air Force his name was shortened. 

My father’s name is B. C. Chism.  He resides in Tuskegee, Alabama and was a proud member of the Tuskegee Airman.  My name is Alvita Chism and I reside in Indianapolis.   I don’t know where we fit in but I would like to know if we are a part of this lineage.


19 January, 2009.  Chisholms in Vancouver 

I stumbled across your page and noticed there is no mention of the family migrating to Vancouver.  All my family is in Vancouver, BC and it's quite extensive.  I've been doing my families genealogy for 17yrs now and it's been a struggle to say the least. 

I have two uncles who share the name of a Robert Edward Chisholm and I'm thinking this might be the link to my father’s grandfather (my great-grandfather died before my father was born).  My father is the oldest of nine children.  His father didn't speak of his dad (great grand) at all, so no one knows anything. 

Any info you have on the migration to Vancouver, BC and pertaining to the name enclosed would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you 
Natalie Chisholm, Calgary  (

26 October, 2008.  Chisholms in Jamaica?  

I am Walter Chisholm and wish to know about the Chisholms that went to Jamaica.  As the only Mexican Chisholm there is, I have special interest in knowing where and from whom my ancestors got the name Chisholm.  

Many thanks  
Walter Chisholm (

22 October, 2008.  A Chsholm Mississippi Riverboat Captain

I am searching for information on a Mississippi riverboat captain named Chisholm who was prolific during the Victorian era c.1890 in Louisiana. Any info on this Chisholm would be greatly appreciated.

Connie McNutt, St. Louis, MO

3 July, 2008.  John Chisholm Towner in Eastbourne  

I have just found your website. I was looking for information on Alderman John Chisholm Towner who lived in Eastbourne, Sussex and bequeathed a building as a gallery, along with some art work, to the town in 1920.  This would seem to tie up with the date of his death you have on your website - is this the same man and, if so, do you have any more information you could send me?  For background, you may like to know I am writing an article on the Towner gallery in Eastbourne.

Kind Regards,

4 June 2008.  John Chisholm from Saskatchewan 

I am trying to trace my mother’s father, John E. Chisholm, who was a barrister in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan around the first or second decade of the 20th century.  He married Edith Simington of Moosejaw sometime before 1917.  My mother, Lois Isabel Chisholm, was born in Moosejaw in 1917 and her sister Alice Mary Chisholm was born there in 1923.  Edith and John were divorced, though I do not know in what year.  My mother indicated that John may have moved to Nova Scotia and was still alive in 1945, the last time she had communicated with him.  If you have any information regarding my grandfather whom I never met, I would be greatly appreciative.

Sherry Miller (

21 March, 2008.  Rachel Chisholm from South Carolina 

I am researching the family tree when I came upon your Chisholm website.  I am trying to find the lineage for a Rachael Chisholm.  Rachael was born around 1760 in South Carolina.  I have been told her father's name is Alexander Chisholm and her mother's first name is Christina.   From there, the information ends.  

Based on the birth date for Alexander Chisholm he could be Rachael's father.  His wife Christina could be her mother Christina, since I don't know if she had siblings, I can't tell if the boys are her brothers and if the girl is Rachael.  This girl's name listed on your website is "Ann".  Could this be an error and in fact be the Rachael for whom I am referring?  The Rachael Chisholm I am searching for married a James McMillan on October 1844 in Cumberland Co., NC.  She died on 18 Aug 1839 in Chesterfield Co. SC. 

Jean Williams (


10 February, 2008.  Alexander Chisholm Who Emigrated to the Carolinas 

I was most interested in reading your Chisholm website as being the Clan Chisholm genealogist I am always on the look-out for new or interesting items about Chisholms. 

As it happens there is currently an ongoing debate regarding the MacKenzie book "The History of the Chisholms" and its accuracy.  One such item revolves around a statement by MacKenzie:

"John Bŕn Chisholm, tenant of a small holding at Lietry, who married Catherine, daughter of John Macrae with issue – (7) Alexander, junior of whom nothing is known." 

We then see that William Garnett Chisholm in his book "Chisholm Genealogy" on Page 24. uses MacKenzie’s Alexander to hang his whole family tree on: 

"Alexander Chishom [sic] Jr., was born Inverness-shire, Scotland, in 1738-9. He is said to have been a member of the Knockfin branch of the clan, although I have no proof to offer, I am inclined to believe that he is the (7) Alexander, junior, mentioned on page 155 of MacKenzies History of the Chisholms,  Alexander emigrated to Carolina at an early age, about 1746, accompanied by his mother, and his youthful departure from Scotland may account for the fact that nothing is known of him by the Scotch genealogists." 

This I suspect is the very same Alexander that you mention on your website  

"Alexander Chisholm had emigrated as a boy with his widowed mother from Inverness to South Carolina in 1746.  According to the family account, he was the son of the Laird Collins Chisolm who had been killed at Culloden.  Alexander married Christina Chisholm (no relation) in Charleston and they had six children, five boys and one girl." 

In this particular instance we have accepted that MacKenzie is correct in saying nothing more is known and that William Garnett Chisholm was just looking for a convenient peg to hang his family on and is not correct. 

What I interested in is finding out about is who was "Laird Collins Chisolm."  I have no records of a Chisholm by that name and any information and the source of same would be gratefully received. 

Kind regards, 
Bob Chisholm, Clan Chisholm Genealogist, UK Branch ( 

2 December 2007.  No Chisholms in South Africa?

I was disappointed to see that this site has no information on the Chisholms in South Africa.  My ancestor John Chisholm arrived in Cape Town in 1812 and was a water engineer in that city.  John is the family name (eldest son of the generation).  My mother has traced our line to this point but we cannot find who came before.

Chantal Smit (
Johannesburg, South Africa

26 November 2007.  Hugh Chisholm in New Brunswick


I have traced my family tree to a Hugh Chisholm who arrived in St. Stephens, New Brunswick in Canada around 1783.  I have participated in the Chisholm DNA project and strongly suspect that Hugh arrived from Strathglass.  If you know of any way that I could attempt to verify this, it would be sincerely appreciated.

Ian Chisholm ( 
South Burlington, Vermont

10 November, 2007.  Robert Chisholm in New Zealand

Most interested in your very readable website on the Chisholms.  As a long time Chisholm researcher -- mainly on NZ Chisholms - I wondered where you got the information on Adam Chisholm who arrived in NZ in 1841 that he was a brother of Robert who arrived in 1858.

I have long suspected this and have said this in a book I have written and articles written, but have never said it was true -- many similarities etc. and Robert did have a younger brother Adam, but I have never been able to prove it, conclusively.  Would be great if you have that information!!

Audrey Barney (
NZ Clan Chisholm genealogist and historian